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Pumpkin Murals at Lithia Springs

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To celebrate Halloween students at Lithia Springs worked as a team to create their own pumpkin murals. Students chose a pumpkin then used paint to create faces and fun designs on the pumpkin! After they finished the pumpkins were displayed around the school for everyone to see!

Celebrating Halloween at Kingswood

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Students at Kingswood celebrated Halloween by choosing their favorite pumpkin and decorating it with their friends! Then the students ended the day by creating ghost-themed poppers. The students enjoyed getting into the Halloween spirit before going home to trick or treat! 

Making Slime at Kingswood

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With the help of the counselors, students mixed borax, Elmer’s glue and different colors to create slime! The students had so much fun learning how to combine the two products to create something so fun. After the activity, students were able to bring home the information about slime making so that they can even make it at home with their family!

Tampa Bay Lightning Visits Kingswood Elementary!

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The BASE students at Kingswood Elementary were visited by the Tampa Bay Lightning’s street hockey team. The players taught students about hockey and shared about their awesome experience being on the team. Students were able to learn awesome hockey skills from the players as well as learn more about what it means to be a team player.

Outside time at Fishhawk Creek

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During outdoor time today at Fishhawk Creek Elementary students got the chance to play with their friends and burn some energy! Students made a snake by holding the hands of each other and moving around while keeping up with one another. They had fun being silly and enjoying time outside with their friends!

Students at Fishhawk Creek create their own Google Logo

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Today the Fishhawk Creek Elementary students used their imagination to create unique Google logos based on famous graphic designer Ruth Kedar. Kedar is best known for creating the classic logo used by Google until 2013. The students learned about Kedar and her involvement with the logo then designed their own Google logo modification. The student’s pieces were judged based on artistic merit, creativity and theme communication. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place students in each grade who scored the highest in these categories were awarded a prize.

Creating Tin Foil Sculptures at Stowers

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By using tin foil and clay the students at Stowers Elementary and their friends were able to practice mimicking Giacometti’s minimalist style. Students designed then created their own 3-dimensional models of themselves. To achieve the minimalist style the students based their designs off stick figures they drew before they began.