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BASE Activities at Fishhawk Creek


Cupid’s Arrow STEM Activity at Fishhawk Creek

February 12th, 2020|0 Comments

Today the students were challenged to think like engineers with this Valentine's Day activity. The students were given various materials such as paper, popsicle sticks, straws, etc. Using these materials, the students were tasked to design and create a working bow and arrow!


BSAC After-School Experience Newsletter January 31, 2020

January 31st, 2020|0 Comments

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Welcome, New BSAC Team Members!

January 14th, 2020|0 Comments

We are delighted to welcome seven new after-school mentors to the BSAC team! They were carefully selected from a large pool of candidates for their positive attitudes and a strong passion for making a difference. You can learn more about them by reading their bios below. If you or someone you know would be an excellent fit for the BSAC team, please click here to apply! Originally from Miami, Jose Guerrero will be a BASE mentor at Brooker Elementary! In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports, exploring the outdoors, and taking road trips around the country. Jose is very excited about making a difference and being a positive role model. Coaches and professors inspired him throughout his life and kept him on the right path. He wants to continue that tradition by inspiring young students in his community. Currently, Jose plays baseball at the University of Tampa while studying for a degree in international business management, where he can use his bilingual skills. Stowers Elementary is proud to welcome its newest mentor, Chandler Bolenbaugh. He decided to apply for the position because he feels like it will be a great learning opportunity for both the students and himself. In his spare time, Chandler likes fishing, mountain biking, and riding dirt bikes. He is currently studying at Pivot Charter School and plans to go into the automotive industry. He has lived in the area for the past two years after moving from Michigan for his dad’s business. Derek Mcdermott will also be joining the BASE team at Brooker Elementary. He loves the sport of racing cars and enjoys playing football. He can’t wait to start working with kids on fun activities and plans to make them excited about learning! Derek is from the Brandon area and currently attends Newsome High. He plans on becoming a CNC mechanist. We want to welcome Calvin, a new runner at Kingswood Elementary School. He brought previous experience working with kids and grew up with three younger sisters that he loves to hang out with. Outside of work, you can find Calvin enjoying outdoor activities, including scuba diving, fishing, and baseball. Calvin plans to one day attend flight school to become a pilot! We are so excited to have Brandon Heid on the BASE team at BSAC! He enjoys making kids smile and teaching them about boundaries and self-discipline. Originally from New York, Brandon and his family moved to Fishhawk six years ago. He loves working on cars in his spare time and plans to become an architect. Brandon wants to incorporate his love of building and drawing into the BASE curriculum and get kids excited about math. Fishhawk Creek Elementary is proud to bring Nick Lilly onboard! He loves spending time with his friends making music, playing recreational football, and watching movies. He applied for the counselor position because he believes he will do a great job of motivating young children to do their best and stay positive. Nick is currently studying business management


Winter Break Wonderland

December 22nd, 2019|0 Comments

Join us during winter break for snowball fights, bobsled scooter relays, swimming, ornament making, and other festive games & crafts! December 23: 7am - 6:30pm December 24: HALF DAY 7am - 1pm December 25: CLOSED December 26: 7am - 6:30pm December 27: 7am - 6:30pm December 30: 7am - 6:30pm December 31: HALF DAY 7am - 1pm January 1: CLOSED January 2: 7am - 6:30pm January 3: 7am- 6:30pm January 6: 7am - 6:30pm $120/Week or $40/Day


Fake Snow Activity at Fishhawk Creek

December 13th, 2019|0 Comments

Today the kids at Fishhawk Creek participated in an activity where they created fake snow. The students were able to make different shapes with the snow, such as a snowman. To make the fake snow, they started by pouring equal amounts of cornstarch and baking soda into a bin. Next, they mixed the baking soda and cornstarch with their fingers. Then they added just enough water so that when they squeeze the mixture, it forms into a ball!


Penguins and Polar Bears at Fishhawk Creek

December 12th, 2019|0 Comments

It is getting cold outside! Although it does not snow here in Florida, for this activity the students made snowy, arctic themed crafts. For the first craft, the students made paper penguin hats to wear. For the second craft, other students created their very own version of the arctic skies. They cut out a silhouette of a polar bear and pasted it onto a blank sheet of paper. Then the students chose the colors they wanted to use for the sky. Fun fact: Even though penguins and polar bears both live in arctic climates, they do not live together in the wild! Penguins are found almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere while polar bears live in the arctic circle in the Northern Hemisphere.


Holly Wreaths at Fishhawk Creek

December 5th, 2019|0 Comments

The students at Fishhawk Creek celebrated the start of the holiday season by making paper wreaths. Wreaths are normally constructed out of twigs, leaves, or flowers and are arranged in a ring shape. These are typically used as decorations for Christmas. For this craft, the students cut the center out of a paper plate to create a hollow ring. Then they glued strips of green paper on and around the ring to mimic leaves. Finally, the student topped their wreaths off with a pipe cleaner bow to tie in the festive cheer!


Outside time at Fishhawk Creek

October 22nd, 2019|0 Comments

During outdoor time today at Fishhawk Creek Elementary students got the chance to play with their friends and burn some energy! Students made a snake by holding the hands of each other and moving around while keeping up with one another. They had fun being silly and enjoying time outside with their friends!


Students at Fishhawk Creek create their own Google Logo

October 22nd, 2019|0 Comments

Today the Fishhawk Creek Elementary students used their imagination to create unique Google logos based on famous graphic designer Ruth Kedar. Kedar is best known for creating the classic logo used by Google until 2013. The students learned about Kedar and her involvement with the logo then designed their own Google logo modification. The student's pieces were judged based on artistic merit, creativity and theme communication. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place students in each grade who scored the highest in these categories were awarded a prize.

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