Meet the BSAC After-School

Experience Team at Stowers!

Brandi Hooper
Brandi HooperDirector of B.A.S.E.

Brandi studied Elementary Education at the University of South Florida and earned Directors Credentials through the Department of Children and Families.  She has participated in the education of young minds for the past 15 years including teaching VPK at BSAC.

Brandi has been involved in the community as a Board Member, youth soccer coach, and team parent. She has three children with her husband of 17 years and enjoys watching her family participate in extra-curricular activities.

“BSAC’s B.A.S.E. program provides an opportunity for your child to have different experiences in activities such as Culinary, Robotics, Sports, Community Service, Art, and Dance all while connecting them with the community around them and learning valuable life skills such as leadership, cooperation, and problem-solving.  Our goal is to impact their lives and to teach them how they can impact others.” – Brandi

Felicia Ramdour
Felicia RamdourStowers Assistant Site Director

Felecia is a VPK teacher at BSAC who is also entering her second year as Assistant Site Director at Stowers. She looks forward to working with her team and getting to know the new parents. Felicia loves being a positive role model for both the children and counselors. In her spare time, Felicia loves working on her family’s cars. She is even part of a family oriented car crew that periodically rides together. When she’s not working on cars, you can find her beautifying her saltwater fish tank.

“I am looking forward to meeting the new students and counselors! It feels great working with parents and teaching my staff proper communication skills” – Felicia.

Kara Kovalovich
Kara KovalovichDirector of Curriculum - BASE Site Director at Fishhawk Creek Elementary

For the past eight years, Kara has been working with children. For the past three years, she has been at Fishhawk and loves watching each of the children grow. Her favorite way to keep the students motivated is with the BASE star student of the week program. She explained that each child is motivated in a different way so positive behavior should never go unnoticed. Which is why the BASE star student of the week program is so beneficial. Her future plans include finishing her degree in special education at USF and to continue working at BSAC for a long time.

Skye King
Skye KingStowers Site Director

Skye began at Stowers as a counselor then quickly worked her way up to Assistant Site Director before taking her current position as Stowers Site Director. Throughout her life, Skye has been surrounded by children and frequented her mother’s classroom whenever possible. In the future, Skye hopes to earn a degree in Elementary Education and work with special needs students. In her spare time, Skye loves fishing and spending time outdoors.

AnthonyStowers Counselor

After a great summer at Camp BSAC, Anthony was promoted to the lead counselor position. He enjoys the daily opportunity to positively impact each child in his care. He describes each day as “not feeling like work” because of how much fun he has teaching and learning from the kids. Outside of BSAC, Anthony spends his time playing music and singing. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career in music after earning a business degree from a local university.

KelvinStowers Counselor

Kelvin started as a counselor at Stowers about two years ago and has enjoyed each day working as a mentor to the children. The kids at Stowers describe Kelvin as the fun counselor who always encourages them to be themselves and express themselves through creativity. Outside of work, Kelvin enjoys drawing, writing, acting, and playing instruments. He stays motivated to be creative in hopes of pursuing a career that allows him to promote the “be yourself” mindset to a larger audience.

LoganStowers Counselor

Logan decided to become a Counselor at BSAC because of the opportunity to work with kids and to gain strong leadership skills. At Stowers, Logan has found that he is a natural when it comes to caring for and helping others. His favorite activity to do with the children is to play outdoor games. Before BSAC, Logan spent time touring the country in a band. His future plans include pursuing music in more of a solo way.

ColinStowers Counselor

Colin recently joined BSAC as a counselor at Stowers. Throughout his life, he has always been surrounded by children. In the future, Colin plans on moving back to his hometown in Colorado to become a firefighter. Colin makes each day at Stowers more fun by setting up a point system for good behavior. He then rewards the winner with a prize!

EliseStowers Runner

This past summer Elise began at BSAC as a counselor for summer camp. She enjoyed working with children so much she decided to continue at BSAC as an after-school runner. Elise shares a special bond with student in her group. She explains that each day with the children is more exciting than the last! In her spare time, Elise enjoys singing in the chorus at her high school. 

AidenStowers Runner

Aiden decided to join the BSAC team after his older brother, who held the same position, described how great the opportunity is. Aiden has been able to learn a great deal from the children including a newfound respect for the importance of patience. He makes sure to pay close attention to each of the students to discover what their interests are and encourages them to always do their best. His favorite activity to do with the children is playing soccer!