Meet the BSAC After-School

Experience Team at Bevis!

Brandi Hooper
Brandi HooperDirector of B.A.S.E.

Brandi studied Elementary Education at the University of South Florida and earned Directors Credentials through the Department of Children and Families.  She has participated in the education of young minds for the past 15 years including teaching VPK at BSAC.

Brandi has been involved in the community as a Board Member, youth soccer coach, and team parent. She has three children with her husband of 17 years and enjoys watching her family participate in extra-curricular activities.

“BSAC’s B.A.S.E. program provides an opportunity for your child to have different experiences in activities such as Culinary, Robotics, Sports, Community Service, Art, and Dance all while connecting them with the community around them and learning valuable life skills such as leadership, cooperation, and problem-solving.  Our goal is to impact their lives and to teach them how they can impact others.” -Brandi

Kara Kovalovich
Kara KovalovichBASE Director of Curriculum and Site Director of Fishhawk Creek Elementary

For the past eight years, Kara has been working with children through various roles as a counselor, swim instructor, summer camp coordinator, and lifeguard. She started creating curriculum because it allows her to positively impact children through activities and get them excited about learning!

“It’s truly special to see my curriculum in action. I love seeing their faces light up when something sparks their interest.” – Kara

Kara also enjoys working at BSAC because of the organization’s family first attitude and it’s focus on community involvement. She plans to complete her degree in special education at the University of South Florida and grow within our company. In her spare time, Kara enjoys spending time with her family, friends, boyfriend, and four dogs. 

Bill Franklin
Bill FranklinBevis Site Director

For the past 14 years, Bill has done an excellent job running the afterschool program at Bevis. But his experience began years before when he began coaching and working with kids as a teenager. When Bill is not running the afterschool program at Bevis you will find him at Bevis as a physical education teacher or with his son and daughter.

Kuyler Martin
Kuyler MartinBevis Assistant Site Director

With future dreams of becoming an educator, Kuyler enjoys learning from his experiences with the children at BSAC. He knew being an elementary school teacher was the perfect career for him when he began volunteering in his dad’s classroom at a young age. Even now, his dad continues to motivate him and teach him many valuable lessons. During each activity, Kuyler tries his best to accommodate each child’s needs so that everyone can have a good time.

MiaBevis Counselor

Mia heard about the opportunity to be a counselor at Bevis Elementary School after babysitting in the area. She decided to become a counselor because of her love for children. Mia makes sure to remind the children that actions speak louder than words throughout each of their activities. She also believes that each day working with children is a learning experience that never fails to surprise her.

ConnorBevis Counselor

For his entire life, Connor has been surrounded by children because his entire family also works with kids. His favorite part about being a counselor is that he has the ability to have a great time with the children while also keeping them safe. He makes sure to encourage each of the children to chase their dreams. In the future, Connor hopes to finish his degree in criminology and join the SWAT team.

LaurynBevis Counselor

Lauryn decided to apply to BSAC when a friend explained how amazing the opportunity was. She began working with kids while volunteering at the daycare where her mom works. Lauryn explained that her favorite part of the position is all the time she gets to spend talking and getting to know each of the children. She enjoys teaching each child the importance of respecting their classmates and instructors. 

JaunBevis Counselor

Juan discovered his passion for working with children through his current role at BSAC. Although he grew up as an only child, you would never be able to tell! Juan is extremely outgoing and easy to get along with.  He gives each child the attention they need and listens to important details about their day. His future plans include finishing his criminal justice degree at HCC and then going to the police academy.

AmyBevis Counselor

For most of her life, Amy has been working with children. She continues to stay motivated by her family, friebds, and the impact she can make in her current role with us. When Amy is not at work, she likes to spend her free time bowling. In the past, Amy bowled competitively but now she just loves doing it for fun.

StephanieBevis Runner

Stephanie began her journey with BSAC at a young age when she began playing tennis. At a later age, she began teaching those same tennis lessons herself and continued at BSAC by joining BASE at Bevis. She enjoys every day that she is surrounded by children. Her favorite activity to do with her students is drawing with them and making fortune teller origami.