BSAC After-School Staff

Shelby Johnson
Shelby JohnsonDirector of Youth Development

Education: USF – Business Marketing Major (2013), CDA (2016), Directors Credential (2016).

What is your favorite part about working at BSAC?: The family atmosphere! Each and every one of us are here for the kids and for each other!

What is your favorite part about working with kids?: They teach me something everyday.

What is your favorite quote?: “I didn’t come this far only to come this far”

Interesting Fact: I had perfect attendance throughout my school years – yes, 13 whole years! Or if we want to make it more interesting… I toured the US on a motorcycle with my granny. While on tour of the US, on a motorcycle, I was caught in two tornadoes!

Dance Move: Is car dancing considered a dance move?

Athena Howe
Athena HoweAssistant Director of Youth Development

Education: Life Experience

What is your favorite part about working at BSAC?: Being able to plug into everything!

What is your favorite part about working with kids?: They have the ability to make you feel like the most important person in the world!

Interesting Fact: I have toured Africa. Stayed in a hut in the Savannah and visited one of the oldest Masai Mara Villages.

What is your favorite food?: Cajun Chicken Pasta

Hobbies: I’m an avid DIYer/Crafter. My other hobby is problem solving!

Morgan Szymanski
Morgan SzymanskiDirector of Curriculum

This year, we are thrilled to welcome Morgan as our new Director of Curriculum and Site Director at Kingswood Elementary.

Morgan graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in humanities and a minor in museum studies before completing her master’s degree in museum education. She brings valuable experience from her time planning educational programming for the Museum of Florida History before joining us at BSAC. Morgan also spent one month abroad in Italy for an archeological dig regarding the pre-roman era.

“We aren’t offering more school,” said Morgan. “We’re offering educational reinforcement by planning fun, innovative, and collaborative activities.”

Michael Daniels
Michael DanielsBASE Site Director

During his past three years at BSAC, Michael has worked his way up to Site Director. Michael always knew he wanted to work with children ever since his own childhood. He loves being a mentor to the children and making them laugh as much as he can. His favorite activity to do with them is to dance! In the future, Michael hopes to own his own after school program very similar to BSAC.

MelanieBASE Counselor

Melanie began her journey at BSAC when she was just 8 years old! Her journey began when she swam at BSAC. She then taught swim lessons here which led her to become a counselor for the afterschool program. Each day at BSAC allows Melanie to gain experience for her future career as an elementary school teacher! She makes sure to pay attention to the needs of each child to practice for her future. Her favorite activity each day is arts and crafts because she loves to see the creative side of her students!

DexterBASE Counselor

Throughout his entire life Dexter has been surrounded by small children! Each day when Dexter wakes up he reminds himself to continue smiling and stay positive! He decided to become a counselor at BASE when his younger siblings convinced him that he would be an awesome counselor. When he is not at work you can find him surrounded by all of his younger siblings. In the near future, Dexter plans to attend college and earn a degree.

Ms. Anna
Ms. AnnaBSAC Mentor

You can find Anna in numerous roles at BSAC including member services, pre-kindergarten classes, and after-school care. She is currently studying for her bachelors degree in marketing at the University of South Florida, and hopes to pursue a career revolving around digital design.

Anna loves making an impact in children’s lives after-school by being a positive, supportive influence. Her most memorable BSAC moments? Seeing the familiar faces of her students over the years and welcoming the excited embrace from a child in the morning. In her spare time, Anna enjoys going to baseball games and spending time with friends.

“BSAC has impacted me in the fact that I am more patient and not so quick to judge. I see how some kids act the way that they do because of their home life, so you never know what someone is going through.” – Anna

Ms. Denise
Ms. DeniseGrade: 1st grade

Denise loves being a counselor at BSAC because she has the opportunity to meet and interact with so many different people. She is currently studying for her bachelors degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of South Florida.

When she’s not in the after-school classroom, you can find Denise helping out in our TRIDENT program. Her favorite dance move is the Two Step, and her favorite student quote is: Danieve: “Ow, you electrocuted me.” Zoey: “Sorry, it was my powers.” (ECP students)

Ms. Alexis
Ms. AlexisGrade: 4th grade

Alexis has been a returning BSAC mentor since June of 2014. She loves helping others and is currently in nursing school. Alexis loves watching her students grow up over the years and enjoys welcoming new families for summer camp. Working with kids has always come naturally to Alexis, and her students love showing appreciation with small crafts and drawings. You can find Alexis in the MMA room organizing obstacle courses for our After-School All Stars! Her favorite BSAC moment?  “You’re so flexible you need to go to flexible class!” – Taylor (4th grade student)

 “You meet so many different kids from all around and all of their backgrounds are different. I love hearing about their days and what they did at school and what they’re going to do after school.”

Ms. Alex
Ms. AlexBSAC Mentor

Alex is a spunky, outgoing counselor that radiates positive energy to her students. She enjoys building relationships with her students and helping them with homework after-school. You can find her after school leading the BSAC Culinary Club and organizing sports in our open fields. Alex is a favorite among the girls because she always listens to their problems and offers insightful advice.

She is currently majoring in pre-med and hopes to continue her career with children as a pediatrician. In her spare time, Alex enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, cooking, and fitness.

“I like being a role model, we spend so much time with these kids so we can really be the ones to instill values.”- Alex