High 5, Inc. Wades In for World’s Largest Swim Lesson

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Brandon, Florida facility to join hundreds of aquatic venues around the world in holding simultaneous FREE all-ages swim class on Thursday, June 23rd from 8:45am to 9:45am

TAMPA, Fla., [6/10/22]– Every small part in water safety is a big deal at High 5. Especially because, when it comes to the fundamental importance of teaching swimming to kids, there are no small parts!

Soon, they’ll all add up to a much bigger sum as High 5 prepares to play its part as a host site for this year’s World’s Largest Swim

A Social Circle for Societal Change: The Ripple Effects of High 5

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If you’ve ever skipped stones across a clear body of water you know that each “skip” creates a small ripple in its wake. Same holds true for a drop of rain or the heaviest rock you’ve ever sent for a plunge.


The effects circling outward from a single touch point. Here at High 5, we see it as a metaphor of sorts for what we do every day as an organization.

From our headquarters in Brandon, we continue to do the little and not-so-little things that set perpetual and positive societal change in