A Social Circle for Societal Change: The Ripple Effects of High 5

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If you’ve ever skipped stones across a clear body of water you know that each “skip” creates a small ripple in its wake. Same holds true for a drop of rain or the heaviest rock you’ve ever sent for a plunge.


The effects circling outward from a single touch point. Here at High 5, we see it as a metaphor of sorts for what we do every day as an organization.

From our headquarters in Brandon, we continue to do the little and not-so-little things that set perpetual and positive societal change in

Tampa Bay Lightning visits Bevis Elementary!

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On Monday, the BASE students at Bevis Elementary had the chance to learn some awesome hockey skills from retired Lightning players. The players also donated nets, sticks, and balls to BSAC. The students are so excited to keep practicing hockey with their new equipment!

BSAC Casino Night Raises $50,000 for Families in Need

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What an unbelievable night! BSAC’s 10th Anniversary Casino Night struck gold for families in need this past Friday night by amassing a whopping $50,000 in sponsorships, silent auction winning bids and ticket sales. Over 300-plus people showed up to support the event and were treated to games, music, great food options and an incredible selection of silent auction items.

“This was by far the best one we’ve ever had,” BSAC CEO Chuck Burgess reflected. “To see so many businesses, community leaders and families come together to support local families in need of

From Land to Water

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Neely Heilman is a brown-eyed fourteen year old who loves pizza, family, and time with her friends. At just three years old, she started competitive training for soccer which quickly became the focus of her young life. But this past year, everything suddenly changed. When soccer was no longer an option, she found herself in the pool at BSAC.

Last October, Neely landed a severe concussion during a national training camp. Full head gear didn’t prevent yet another injury to the back of her head. After partially losing hearing and missing a

Diving Coach Chris Colwill Inducted Into GA Circle of Honor

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One of BSAC’s very own traveled to Athens, GA to be honored in the University of Georgia’s Circle of Honor on February 2, 2018.

Chris Colwill is a two time Olympian who began diving right here at BSAC from a very young age. He continued his training throughout high school and into college, attending the University of Georgia where he became the 2006 NCAA Diver of the Year.

“I’ve worked hard to get where I am, but I appreciate all the support I’ve had along the way” said Colwill. All that hard work