High 5 After-school Programs: “Kids First, Always!”

Keeping our priorities straight is where it all starts. Doing what we can to create an environment where kids can learn, play and laugh in safety comes before anything else.

It always has, and it always will.

At High 5, we are highly focused, experienced, and licensed educators.

We are engaging and compassionate coaches who enjoy keeping things light and spreading the fun around.

We live for laughter and igniting that spark inside each student.

And, we love it when faces literally light-up after a win in the pool, on the court, or in the field.

Engaging Minds, Enriching Lives

Children who are free to be themselves at play in and out of the water, as well as in and out of the classroom, learn how to work together in teams, practice leadership skills, and develop positive work ethics that really pay off later in life.

We celebrate all of it.

And yet, we’re a lot more than a great swimming lesson or a sweet drop volley. Kids building friendships with other kids. That’s really the first pillar to what we do and who we are. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how many grown-up friendships begin simply by being there for our own children at a swimming lesson or a game. The health and wellness benefits alone from spending time together are worth their weight in gold.

High 5 makes it probable, but it’s only through the support of the community that makes it possible.

Play Longer, Live Stronger

Statistics show an undeniable correlation between exercise and educational achievement. In general, kids who improve their physical conditioning also improve their brain functioning in the process.

If everyone saw that, most would make supporting an organization like High 5 is pretty high on their list.

Study after study shows that every dollar spent on social development causes returns many more times that value to the community at large.

Perhaps if we thought of it as an “investment” in one another, we’d see the act of giving more in that way. Not as a sacrifice, but rather as a purposeful gift with our best interests at heart—because—it comes from the heart.

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Currently, approximately a dozen local elementary schools count on us to deliver an after-school experience that’s second to none. That’s worth a High 5 alone.

Yet, when you realize the time spent with us takes children away from time spent unproductively or unstructured, there’s even a personal incentive for people without kids to give a hand to High 5.

Summer camps, swimming lessons, and sports and recreation programs, and even our work in special education, all form the pillars of support we provide to the community. But the foundation comes from individuals—each one interdependent on the others for collective strength, wellness, and growth.

In-person open house tours are now being held. Contact us today at MemberServices@high5inc.org to learn more about how you can plug-in to all it. You’re always welcome at High 5!