Meet the BSAC After-School

Experience Team at Lithia Springs!

Brandi Hooper
Brandi HooperDirector of B.A.S.E.

Brandi studied Elementary Education at the University of South Florida and earned Directors Credentials through the Department of Children and Families.  She has participated in the education of young minds for the past 15 years including teaching VPK at BSAC.

Brandi has been involved in the community as a Board Member, youth soccer coach, and team parent. She has three children with her husband of 17 years and enjoys watching her family participate in extra-curricular activities.

“BSAC’s B.A.S.E. program provides an opportunity for your child to have different experiences in activities such as Culinary, Robotics, Sports, Community Service, Art, and Dance all while connecting them with the community around them and learning valuable life skills such as leadership, cooperation, and problem-solving.  Our goal is to impact their lives and to teach them how they can impact others.” -Brandi

Kara Kovalovich
Kara KovalovichDirector of Curriculum

For the past eight years, Kara has been working with children. For the past three years, she has been at Fishhawk and loves watching each of the children grow. Her favorite way to keep the students motivated is with the BASE star student of the week program. She explained that each child is motivated in a different way so positive behavior should never go unnoticed. Which is why the BASE star student of the week program is so beneficial. Her future plans include finishing her degree in special education at USF and to continue working at BSAC for a long time.

Felicia Hansrha
Felicia HansrhaCluster Director

Felicia has been with BSAC since 2017. She started off as a Counselor and has moved up to the Cluster Director and oversees three schools, Brooker, Kingswood, and Lithia Springs. Felicia earned her Associate’s degree in medical. She is happily married and is a dog mom! She enjoys spending quality time with her family and actively participate’s in a car club.

The kids would describe her as energetic and motivational. She ensures that they feel good about themselves and reminds them to always be themselves. Her favorite activity to participate in with them is arts and crafts.

Felicia said, “I enjoy watching the kids express their creativity.” She is excited to work and grow in her career with BSAC. She is optimistic and looks forward to being apart of the growth and opportunities that BSAC has to offer!

Shaydon Southick
Shaydon SouthickRunner

Shaydon is currently a Senior at Newsome High School. She enjoys her position as a runner because she loves working with children through organizing sports and activities like basketball and football. The kids describe Shaydon as fun and understanding. Each child is unique and different; however, she tries relate to them all. Shaydon chose this position because she gets to make an impact in our community by providing a safe, enriching atmosphere for children while their parents are at work. In the future, Shaydon aspires to become a pediatrician. She believes that her experience working with the kids at BSAC will play a huge role in her future success. We are excited to have her on board as she continues her education towards an Associate’s degree.

The greatest piece of advice Shaydon offers to her students is, “ Be safe in what you’re doing. Always listen to your parents and your teachers. Stay out of trouble and stay on a good path”.

Sydney Spivey
Sydney SpiveyLithia Springs Runner

Sydney is currently a Senior at Newsome High School. She enjoys working with the kids and enjoys her job as a runner as it allows her to actively engage and communicate with them. Sydney works closely with the kids, setting up activities and participating with them. Her goal is to provide an exciting atmosphere where the kids feel welcome and look forward to attending the after school program. Current future plans after high school graduation is attending college, working towards earning a teaching degree. We are excited to have Sydney as a part of our team here at BSAC!

The greatest piece of advice Sydney offers to her students is, “Tomorrow is a new day, whatever happens today is temporary and you can get through it”. 

StephanieBevis Runner

Stephanie began her journey with BSAC at a young age when she began playing tennis. At a later age, she began teaching those same tennis lessons herself and continued at BSAC by joining BASE at Bevis. She enjoys every day that she is surrounded by children. Her favorite activity to do with her students is drawing with them and making fortune teller origami.