Team Colwill Dive

Nicole began training at BSAC when she was only eight years old alongside six year old Chris Colwill. Within two years they began traveling the country breaking records and competing at the Junior Olympic level. They took first place in the East Coast Championships, bringing the trophy back home to BSAC. After multiple knee injuries and eight surgeries, Nicole moved up north to focus on college. Chris Colwill continued on into a well-documented college diving career, becoming a two time Olympian with a spot in the Georgia University Hall of Fame.

Chris later returned to BSAC starting the Colwill Dive Team, bringing Nicole on as Assistant Coach when she returned to Florida. This year, Chris Colwill was given the well deserved opportunity to become the head diving coach at Georgia University.  Nicole Russell has been promoted from assistant to head coach, bringing her many years of leadership and experience to the table.

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