10 March

High 5, Inc Gives Community More in New Membership Model

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New Value-Added Membership Model Brings Brandon More Programs and Perks to Play, Stay, Learn and Love

BRANDON, Fla, March 10, 2022 – Everyone feels like they belong at High 5, Inc.—and now they officially can! This community-based, non-profit organization known for superior educational, athletic, aquatic and recreational programs to all ages and needs is converting to a new membership model to offer more programs and privileges to children, teens, athletes, adults and those with special needs. Just as High 5 is committed to making a positive difference in the lives

22 February

Leading the Region in “Learn To Swim” Programs: There’s a High 5 for That!

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Most of us with fond memories of learning to swim back when we were kids only want the same thing for
our own children. The fun, laughter, and smiles remain with us for our whole lives. But, of late, concern
has been growing among ourselves and other community leaders about the unacceptable increase in
youth drownings here in the Tampa Bay region; and really, across all of Florida.
Recently, the Tampa Bay Times reported that drowning claimed the lives of 98 children in 2021, up 42
percent from the year before, including a disturbing two-week stretch

6 December

Fun, Friends, and Family: High 5 for the Holidays!

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At this time of year, I’m reminded of just how important a kind word or gesture can be, especially when shared with someone you’ve never met.

Season’s greetings, everyone! I’m Chuck Burgess, CEO at High 5, writing with thoughts of what it means to live our best lives. Being healthy, eating well, doing productive work, and finding time for exercise are part of it. So is having a strong social circle around us. In that respect, I feel truly blessed for the people in my family at home and at

3 December

Remembrance Service for Candice ‘Candi’ Corsi | Thursday, December 2nd at 6pm at High 5

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Candi’s loss, after a lengthy battle with the coronavirus this past summer, continues to stir in our hearts, but not without the joy she gave us as we played, worked, and laughed alongside her for more than ten years. Tonight, we’ll be sharing our fondest memories of Candi in a short service, followed by a group candle-lighting tribute, and fellowship among her family and friends who knew her best. (Food and light beverages provided.)All members of the community are welcome to attend. For details, call 

11 September

High 5 “Paddle & Racket” Sports Program

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Postpone: NEW DATE TBD

Join us and be among the first to set foot on our brand-new pickleball courts and fully renovated tennis courts. 

Competitive and recreational leagues are now forming, 4 days of open Pickleball and Tennis play, event finishes with Random-Partner-Selection “Round Robin” Tournament (date TBD)! 

Try your hand at a new sport, learn to play, meet new people, and much more! 

  • Social Open Play 
  • Learn-to-Play Classes 
  • Drill Sessions 
30 August

Auction for Rays Tickets!

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High 5 Inc is doing an auction on Facebook to give away Rays tickets! The auction will open TONIGHT (August 30th) at 8pm and end Wednesday (September 1st) night at 8pm. It will run for a full 48 hours.
Bids start at $75 and will go to the highest bidder! Tickets include food, drinks, parking.
2 August

High 5 After-school Programs: “Kids First, Always!”

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High 5 After-school Programs: “Kids First, Always!”

Keeping our priorities straight is where it all starts. Doing what we can to create an environment where kids can learn, play and laugh in safety comes before anything else.

It always has, and it always will.

At High 5, we are highly focused, experienced, and licensed educators.

We are engaging and compassionate coaches who enjoy keeping things light and spreading the fun around.

We live for laughter and igniting that spark inside each student.

And, we love it when faces literally light-up after a win in the pool, on

23 April

A Special Month for Special Needs: High 5 Proudly Supports Autism Awareness All April Long

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A lot has changed in the 51 years since the Autism Society held the first National Autism Awareness Month in April of 1970. Today, we know there isn’t just one form of the condition. Modern diagnosis techniques are now able to identify disorders in social skills, speech, movement, and more across a wide spectrum of behaviors. While the subtypes vary greatly, they all share the need for greater understanding in common.

And also, for ensuring that no one falls between the cracks.

At BSAC, that’s where our Special Needs programs come in.

Concerningly, as autism has

26 March

CPR classes are now available to the community!

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BSAC offers the American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certification Class.

The Blended Learning class combines online learning and instructor-led classroom skill sessions. The comprehensive and nationally recognized course will prepare you to recognize and care for a variety of first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies involving adults and children.

If you need to